What is Sararah?How to Use Sarahah

What is Sarahah ? Is Sarahah safe ? How to use sarahah ? Everything you need to know about Sarahah is here.

What is Sarahah ?

Sarahah is an anonymous messaging service.In Arabic language, Sarahah means ‘honesty’.  Sarahah is unlike conventional social networking sites.Sarahah maintains the complete anonymity of whoever sent you the message. But limitations are there you can only use text here rather than audio video. Once a user registers, they can share a link to their friends or post it publicly. Anyone with that link can send them anonymous messages. The recipient has no way of knowing who posted the message or responding to it in any way.

It had a very simple purpose — it allowed employees to post anonymous feedback for their boss.People with a fear of getting fired are able to express their voice due to Sarahah.

  • In simple words, Sarahah is a form of messaging service with an emphasis on sender-receiver anonymity.
What is Sarahah ? Is Sarahah safe ? How to Use Sarahah ? Everything You Need to know about Sarahah
Sarahah Settings page In Android Application

Sarahah developer or Creators of Sarahah

Created by a Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. He introduced Sarahah about six months ago as a website. However, he later realized that Sarahah can do better as an app. So he created the Sarahah app, which is now available for both Android and iOS users. The app hit both Google Play Store and App Store, and in absolutely no time the app’s popularity has since grown and currently, it is ranked as the top trending App on iPhone OS, 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and over 33,000 reviews on the same platforms.

What is sarahah Vision or  Main site’s ‘About Us’ Page

Site’s About us page depicts a minimalistic approach stating ‘Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner’.

How to use Sarahah ? How Sarahah works

After setting up an account on the main website or Sarahah App available for both iPhone and Android operating systems. While the terms and conditions of Sarahah are fairly straightforward. The public use and privacy policies state that users should commit to ethics and values and refrain from insult and abuse of the site.Users are given a URL link which they are encouraged to share with their friends or post it publicly on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp or copy the link and post it to a different social network. Anyone who has the link will be able to send you a message.

What is Sarahah? Is Sarahah safe? How to Use Sarahah?Everything you need to know about Sarahah
Sarahah Web Interface to send message

For sending a message, a user has to click on the link, which will open a text box with a message, “Leave a constructive message”.People can type in their message and hit send.When some users receive feedback, they have multiple options. They can report the message, block the user, add the feedback to their favorites list.Moreover, share the screenshot across social media channels.Users also have the option of tweaking their privacy settings and selecting if they want their name to appear in the in-app search results and also decide if they want people who don’t have Sarahah accounts to post feedback on their profile.

Privacy Policy of Sarahah

Sarahah founder ZainAlabdin Tawfiq said. “the app comes with the strict privacy policy and no information will be revealed to any organization without users consent”.

He further said, “We will never reveal the identity of the sender unless we get his consent to do so. You can see also the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. Regarding disclosure of information about revealing the identity in certain circumstances where there is a violation.” Sarahah is perfect territory for cyber bullying.  The problem is that avoiding some of the hate on the app is not easy. You can report a message, block the user.

Is Sarahah Safe ? Should we use Sarahah ?

The biggest fear that comes free with this app is cyberbullying. Many parents and their children are reporting that Sarahah is the newest platform for cyberbullying.Others, however, report they are receiving death threats.  Cyberbullying, unfortunately, isn’t a new phenomenon and it definitely didn’t start with Sarahah. But the anonymous nature of the app does lend itself to toxic comments.

if you’re thinking of using it, proceed with caution.I am sure you will have sleepless nights thinking about the good and bad confessions made anonymously made to you on this application. It will disturb your routine and make you less efficient.

No, we are not stopping you from using this app. Go, give it a try for curiosity
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