How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 - Activate Microsoft Office 2016

Before Office 2019 we have seen many modern versions of Microsoft office like office 2013 office 2016 and the recent one is Microsoft Office 2019 which is the only official version; with many new features but only one main drawback is that it is supported by Windows 10 only. So, if you are using previous versions of Windows I.e. windows 7 windows 8.1, you will not be able to install it. But Office 2016 is still the best pick for windows users. Office 2019 provides cross-application functionality to help users create stunning content in less time.

If you want to use the official version of Microsoft Office 2019, you will need to remove all Microsoft Office series software already installed on your system. This update is an integration of all the features of Office 365 over the past three years, including updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher. Most probably Microsoft Office 2019 will increase your productivity whether you are a professional or a beginner.

New features in Microsoft Office 2019

  • Word 2019 delivers new features themed around “getting work done easier”; include learning tools with captions and audio descriptions, text to speech feature, improved inking functionality, and accessibility improvements.
  • Outlook 2019 will offer users the ability to “manage email more efficiently”, with an update to contact cards, travel and delivery summary cards, Office 365 groups (which does requires an Exchange online account), the @mention functionality, and probably the most useful feature the focused inbox functionality, allowing you to move less important emails out of the way to focus on your business priorities.
  • Excel 2019 promises to “perform better data analysis”, offering users PowerPivot and PowerQuery enhancements, the ability to publish Excel to PowerBI, along with new funnel charts, 2D maps, timelines and improved excel functions and connectors.
  • PowerPoint 2019 will allow users to “create more impactful content”, creating cinematic presentations with its new Zoom slide ordering capabilities and Morph transition presentation features, along with the ability to insert and manage Icons, SVG, and 3D models.
  • The improved inking features across the apps in Windows-like the roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects will allow users to naturally create documents.

Activation of Microsoft Office

According to Microsoft

Activation is the process of validating software with the manufacturer after it has been installed on a specific computer. Activation confirms that the product is genuine—not a fraudulent copy—and that the product key or serial number is valid and has not been compromised or revoked. Activation also establishes a link or relationship between the product key and the particular installation.

Which activation method you choose depends on the size, network infrastructure, connectivity, and security requirements of your environment. You can choose to use different activation methods for different versions of Office and different computers, for example, desktops and laptops. Because these three activation methods are also used to activate volume licensed versions of Windows, you might be able to use the same method to activate both Windows and Office

Why do we need to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 / 2016

There are consequences of not activating office; you will get a prompt message when you open any sub-application of Microsoft office 2016/2019 in the bottom-right corner of the screen. As a result, you can’t utilize services related to Microsoft Accounts such as syncing settings between devices and Customizing appearance. Other than that, windows other features work as expected. Microsoft Office activation official process is very simple and easy if you follow the instructions as it is.

There are many ways to activate Microsoft office but we will discuss here two ways to activate office 2016/2019 permanently. The first one is to purchase genuine card secret activation. The second method I introduced is phone activation. Make sure you follow the right instructions as per your situation. Office Activation is the first step by which Microsoft office running on windows is recognized to be adequately licensed and authentic, and it’s rapid and easy. Apart from Registration Microsoft office Activation is the process of ensuring that your copy of Office is under the Microsoft Software License Terms.

Instructions for Microsoft Office 2019 activation

To Activate Microsoft Office 2019 check the following things:

  • Active Internet Connection; To redeem and activate Microsoft Office installed on your system, you need an active internet connection.
  • Activate Windows; please activate your Microsoft Windows 10 before you can redeem and activate Microsoft Office 2016 / 2019.
  • Microsoft Account; A Microsoft account is required to access and save settings for Microsoft devices and services and makes it simple to reinstall Office without a product key. If you don’t have a Microsoft Account, please visit Microsoft’s support site External Link to create a new account. Microsoft Office 2016/2019 cannot activate without a valid Microsoft Account.
  • Office Version; Did you order Microsoft Office 2019/365 with your system? If in doubt, please check the order details of your system.

Activate Microsoft Office 2019 using Office Activation Wizard

If you already had Office installed, you don’t need to follow steps 6 through 9. You can just sign in by going to File > Account > Product Activation. you have to do this only one time then the license will be linked with your account. You need not maintain it’s product key as it will always be present in your Microsoft Account.

When a copy of Office has exhausted the trial period or is not activated, the user is prompted with an Activation Wizard. Or if you have changed some hardware on your computer, you are going to get into activation issues that can be addressed using Activation Wizard. Activation Wizard is very helpful, and all the instructions are mentioned in the dialog box itself. If you want to activate Office over the internet, then select I want to activate the software over the Internet, and then select Next.

Activate Microsoft Office 2019 with Phone

You can select the telephone option if you wish to contact Microsoft Support and Activate Microsoft Office 2019 over the phone. If you are not able to activate your product, it is best to contact Microsoft Support regarding this.

  1. Go to Office activation page and select the phone to activate, then dial the Microsoft service number in the UK: +448000188354
  2. Next, the listening test: English comparison full text: Thank you for calling Microsoft.English. . . . . Press one,. . . . . . Press two; Here we can press 1 or 2 to have a small problem. For security purposes, please enter the following number using your touch phone pad. Please enter the number, XXX (thanks to calling Microsoft, for security, please enter the next number, please enter the number XXX), if ** enter the number, ** you must enter a set of correct numbers that he reads.
  3. Then one second after the input, Thank you, success. Please hold while I transfer you to our activation system. (Thank you, pass the verification. Please do not hang up, I will transfer you to our activation system)Don’t care here
  4. If you are trying to activate windows, press 1.offic for mac, press 2.other offices, press 3.
  5. To proceed you need ……installation ID that several blocks with six or seven digits, and it displayed in the activation window on your screen. Press 1 if you have the installation ID available, if not, press 2.(To continue, you need to find your installation ID, which is a group of 6-7 digits displayed in the activation window of your screen. If you have an installation ID, press 1; otherwise press 2.)Here we press 1,
  6. To activate your product, you must have your installation numbers from your activation wizard on your computer screen. (To activate your product, you must have an installation ID) The middle section is omitted. . . If you have your ID to hand and are ready to proceed, please press the hash key. (If you have an installation ID and are ready to continue, press ##)Here we press #
  7. Please enter the first group now.*Please enter the first set of numbers Thank you! (it will ask you seven times) To finish, enter the final group Thank you, *Please enter the last set of numbers.
  8. To complete the input, two things will appear:(1) The case of Key failure We are unable to activate your product. (We cannot activate your product)This situation does not appear. Because the activation code is the checkmark of the prompt when installing 2)(2) Key is valid when how many computers are your product currently installed? Press one if you have installed this product on one computer. To install the key on a computer, press 1) Press two if you have installed this product on more than one computer. Here we press 1    and we don’t have to wait for 3 minutes to let him say. Don’t record anything. Then hang up the phone.
  9. Go back to our activation page and re-select Internet activation. Then click on the next step to get it.